How To Find A Source To Know All About Long Island’s Mozart Music Festival?

Community events and music festivals have been ingrained into the very fabric of human civilization with the increase in number of such events and rise in their popularity among various sections of the society. The Mozart music festival of Long Island is also one such event which is being tailored to meet the needs of the youth and attracting their involvement in the community. The following discussion is directed towards obtaining comprehensive information about the music festival as the Long Island community gears up for the announcement of the 2018 dates for the festival.

The source to know all about Long Island’s Mozart music festival is Chamber Players International which is the organization that conducts the festival. The organization is a non-profit and tax exempt organization which conducts almost 25 to 30 concert events every year. The presence of the organization in the Long Island community over the course of its forty-four year history has been substantially strengthened alongside inclusion of renowned civic leaders and industry professionals in the Board of Directors of the organization. As a distinct, classical music ensemble the Chamber Players International has included many renowned concert musicians from national as well as international levels.

The foremost detail to know about the Long Island Mozart music festival is that it is the largest outdoor classical music festival in the region that is conducted every year at the renowned Old Westbury Gardens in Old Westbury. The festival involves an assortment of large scale programs featuring internationally renowned performers who are supported by the chamber orchestra of the music festival.

Exploring more on all about Long Island’s Mozart music festival reveals that the festival’s priority have shifted towards inclusion of young people and families in order to improve engagement of the community with the festival. The initiatives that are taken for accomplishing this include interactive concerts for children, tours of Old Westbury Gardens, Mozart-era puppet shows and entertainment, institution of a food court, historical, periodic dance and fencing demonstrations and carriage rides. On an average, the festival is estimated to bring in 2500 to 3000 people on a daily basis.

Another noteworthy aspect to be observed in case of the Long Island Mozart festival is the commitment towards community by providing different community and public school ensembles with the opportunity to perform in the festival. Some of the examples include the North Shore High School Madrigal Choir, the Nassau County Girl Scouts Choir, the Long Island High School of the Arts dance ensemble, the Herricks High School orchestra, the Uniondale High School Orchestra and the Gemini Youth orchestra.

According to the executive director of Chamber Players International, David Winkler, the efforts for making the event and music accessible to all members of the community rather than being limited to the concert enthusiast should be strengthened. He emphasized on the role of the festival as a promising avenue to bring classical music to the youth alongside the advantages for seasoned concert attendees in the form of appealing performances of classical masterpieces also including various non-Mozart works by different artists of international acclaim.